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Gin Hampers

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Gin Hampers

1 - 15 out of 15 Products

Gin Hampers

Gin is an alcoholic spirit that gets its taste and flavour from juniper berries. The flavoured alcohol has a rich history dating back to the 13th century when monks created a medicinal liquor called jenever. Although jenever tasted more like whiskey, it steadily developed into the various gin varieties we know today. Common styles include London Dry Gin, Old Tom, Navy Strength, and Barrel-aged Gin.

To classify as gin, the beverage must primarily contain the flavour of juniper berries. From there, classic gins tend to be flavoured with spices, fruit flavours, and floral notes. Besides, producers can add aromatic and herbal ingredients to craft quality liquor with a special taste. This freedom in creating traditional style gins and variations with a modern touch makes this beverage perfect for everyone. In recent years, alcohol gained popularity as the base for delicious cocktails like the Martini, Negroni, Tom Collins, and Gin & Tonic.

This versatility in taste makes it the perfect beverage to include in any gift basket. Whether the recipient keeps it classic with tonic water, enjoys it on the rocks, or creates a modern cocktail, a bottle of exclusive gin will always be a great gift. At Gourmet Basket, we have various hampers that contain gin. We also offer to add a bottle of gin to any alcohol gift pack you order online. This little something extra makes our hampers an excellent choice if your friend not only loves gin but also consumes Scotch whisky or champagnes such as Moet.

If you want to send a surprise gift to someone special in another state, browse our range of hampers and use our gin delivery service. Whether your loved one lives in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or any other region, we will deliver your gift across Australia to their door. We use our trusted delivery partner so you can conveniently shop from your couch and wait for the parcel to arrive. 

How to choose a gin hamper?

The variety of gins today is huge. This means that picking the right gin for you can be complicated, and even more so when choosing a full gin hamper for someone else. But luckily, there are a few ways how you can approach this. 

First off, ask yourself how much your loved one knows about gin. If he knows a lot, you should buy gin from a rather small distillery that is not yet sitting on his shelf and include a bottle in your hamper. However, she might also love a gin from a big distilling company such as Hendrick’s. Then this would be an easy option to go with. Sticking to someone’s favourite is never a bad idea. You can also spice things up by gifting gin minis so your friend can experiment and stumble upon a new favourite. 

Another aspect is price. While bigger companies use production volumes to lower their price, craft distilleries can’t. For that reason, it’s always a great idea to look for a unique gin on sale or for special gin deals that make it possible to gift something that would usually be out of reach financially. And if you are sending a gift hamper, don’t send the cheapest gin you can find. It’s for someone you love, after all.

Also, think about pairings. Some hampers already include garnishes and mixers like tonic water to enjoy your gin right away. If your friends love eating a snack to their drink, make sure your hamper includes chips, pistachios, and peanuts. We hand select gourmet products that pair wonderfully with our beverages. However, if you gift food and drinks, remember whether your friend is a vegan or can only consume gluten-free products.  

Ultimately, if you can’t find the right one, you can create your own on our page. Just ensure that your gift hamper comes in a beautiful box such as our Gourmet Basket Gift Boxes finished with ribbon, tissue, and gift card. 

Is gin healthy to drink?

First off, gin is an alcoholic beverage, and excess drinking can negatively affect your health. With that being said, you might have heard of studies showing potential health benefits when consuming gin on a moderate basis. These studies state that light to moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases, and strokes.

What stands out positively is that gin contains fewer empty calories than other spirits and alcoholic beverages. Therefore, adding a low-calorie mixer like tonic water creates a drink with fewer overall calories than your usual glass of wine or beer. Such a drink also has less residual sugar, which is perfect if you care about your weight. However, these benefits vanish if you add non-alcoholic mixers that contain a lot of sugar. Add only tonic water or diet lemonade to your gin cocktails if you need mixers for your taste buds.

Both aspects could further be interesting for people with diabetes who are concerned about their alcohol selection and consumption. Nevertheless, they should always consult with a medical professional because every situation is unique. 

Another interesting benefit is that moderate consumption of gin can apparently alleviate hay fever. The conducted studies assume that clear spirits like gin have fewer histamine contents. In contrast, beer and wine contain more histamine due to their fermentation process, which might make your symptoms worse.

One rather controversial aspect is antioxidants, which are responsible for healthier-looking skin. Juniper berries, the main ingredient of gin, contain many antioxidants and are sometimes referred to as super fruit. However, it is not clear whether antioxidants survive the distilling process and will have the positive effects people are looking for.

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