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Vegan Hamper

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Vegan Hamper

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1 - 2 out of 2 Products

Vegan Hamper

A vegan is an individual whose lifestyle is characterised by avoiding the consumption of animal products and rejecting the status of animals as commodities. Vegans often claim that eating vegan is better for their health, can help them lose weight, and reduces their body fat. Becoming vegan is one of the fastest-moving lifestyle choices of our time. Celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch, Zac Efron, and Olivia Wilde even credit veganism for their excellent fitness

Speaking about vegan principles and vegan rules, you will discover different types of veganism. First, some dietary vegans are often called ‘plant-based eaters’. People in this group avoid animal products in their diet entirely. The foods to avoid include meat, fish, eggs, honey, and dairy products. However, they use animal products in other areas such as cosmetics and clothing. Another group are moral or ethical vegans who follow a vegan diet and refrain from using animals for any purpose. Finally, environmental vegans avoid animal products because industrial farming is unsustainable and massively damages the environment.

A vegan diet is usually based on grains, legumes like soy, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, a vegan whole food diet can have significant effects on your health. Veganism can increase the risk of vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiencies and calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, and omega-3-fat. All these nutrients are available in plants except for B12, so the intake of B12 supplements daily is highly recommended to maintain a healthy nervous system and blood.

Another benefit of veganism is that you can support the medical treatment of chronic diseases if you eat plant-based foods. For example, following a vegan diet is associated with a lower level of cholesterol and lower levels of type-2 diabetes. It can also reduce cancer rates and other cardiovascular diseases.

What is the best gift for a vegan?

Whenever you are shopping for a vegan and aren’t familiar with the topic, you will be confronted with the question of what best to gift. We’ve got your back on this and help you find the right gifts. At Gourmet Basket, we have different curated gift baskets that are perfect for a vegan recipient and show that you care about their lifestyle choice. You can also create your own vegan hamper from our hand-selected gourmet products or fill your gift hamper with only gluten-free products if you have to take that hurdle as well.

What makes finding vegan products easy is that pretty much every hard alcohol like gin and whiskey is vegan from the start, as long as it doesn’t contain honey. Although some rums and whiskey contain honey, the producers will state the addition on the label because they also use this for their marketing purposes anyway. So if you stay away from these versions, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of translucent liquor.

However, be careful to include beer, cider, and wine in your alcohol gift packs. The reason is that they can be processed with animal products like egg whites, casein, and gelatine. Such ingredients are barely listed on the label because alcohol doesn’t have to follow the same labelling requirements as food. Still, some producers, such as Moet Chandon, confirm that their range is vegan-friendly.

If you are looking for possible food additions, your options become more extensive every day as more producers include vegan products in their product range. What always pairs well with any form of alcohol are snacks. These snacks can be artisan dairy-free chocolates, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, or delicious vegan cookies. You can also add seeds, jams, salsas, or nut butters to a vegan gift hamper.

Other non-food-related gifts can be a vegan cookbook with delicious recipes, cruelty-free lotions and toiletries, organic towels, or vegan make-up. Depending on the type of veganism your loved one follows, stay clear of personal care products tested on animals or clothes containing leather, fur, wool, or silk.

Where can I get vegan hampers near me?

Although veganism is becoming increasingly popular since the late 2000s, it is still hard to find adequate gift hampers. Therefore, finding a vegan gift basket near you might be a hopeless endeavour unless you know of a local specialty store focusing on veganism. And we don’t want you to run around until you are stressed out because nothing fits what you are looking for. So, you have made the right choice in coming to our website, which will give you some peace of mind.

Whether you would like to gift your vegan gift basket in person or want to send it across Australia, we have you covered. If you’re going to hand over your basket yourself and live in the Sydney area, you can use our Click & Collect service. Come to our Belrose warehouse in Sydney to ensure that you have the perfect gift hamper on time.  Order your hamper online, and then visit our Gift Concierge at the warehouse whenever you have time to pick up your gift hamper.

In case you have to send it, you can trust us that we got this. Since 1998, we have sent more than 100,000 hampers to our customers in Australia together with our trusted courier companies. Our delivery network stretches across the country, and we deliver to the doorstep of your choice, no matter if it’s yours in Sydney, a friend’s home in Melbourne, or a family member in Brisbane.

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