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Our Artisan Producers

We strongly believe in supporting our local farmers, makers and artisans. Every product has to taste great, have a wonderful aesthetic appeal and a good story behind it. We look for beautifully packaged products with a point of difference, that are above all, mouth-wateringly delicious.

From award winning fudge, to handmade nougat, to boutique wines our hampers are bountifully filled with delicious artisan produce.



Fudge by Rich - “Silky smooth confection” The Age Epicure

“You never know where life will lead you and after the collapse of the airline that we worked for, our jobs were all hanging in the breeze. It was time for the next chapter. Fudge by Rich was born! Now a mother of three little ladies my passion for good quality wholesome food is stronger than ever. Our treats here are always homemade, with the best quality real ingredients that we can source. It is now 10 years since Fudge by Rich sold its first batch of 10 bars to my Mother in Laws café “Tastebuds in the Ville” here in Healesville, in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Each year we continue to grow and I am humbled by the wonderful feedback from our loyal customers who too share the love for real ingredients, great quality and most importantly real flavour in their decadent treats.”


black_pantryBlack Pantry - Jo and Belinda Black

Black Pantry began in 2013 with a humble recipe for rosewater marshmallows and one small batch for friends and family. Sisters Jo and Belinda Black knew they had something special when requests for more marshmallows came in thick and fast and soon they were making marshmallows by the dozen. We aim to provide a handcrafted marshmallow using the highest quality ingredients unlike any marshmallow you have tasted.




Port Willunga Fine Foods - Trish White

“The origins for my food business began at a grass roots level as a child in a family that picked, bottled and preserved food by the seasons. In partnership I started a business, ‘Regional Baskets’; selling an array of products from the regions of South Australia.
This inspired me to use my skills and knowledge to brand my own hand crafted products and we now proudly operate from Port Willunga. We produce a boutique selection of gourmet and snack products selected from some of the very best growers in South Australia; to bring organic, sun dried and different flavours and textures to the table.”


whisk_and_pinWhisk and Pin - Graham Sandilant

“What a fantastic world the gourmet food industry is! A wonderful environment full of creative people who love what they do - with the deeply satisfying end result being a delicious product everyone can enjoy. Gourmet food inspires passion - or at least touches everyone in some way. When beautiful food is eaten, there is an immediate positive response. Everyone loves gorgeous food - it brings us together. We make products the best they can possibly be. We never cut corners, nor do we ever compromise on the wholesome quality of our ingredients. I believe our mission, 'to produce 100% of the time without exception, products that are absolutely delicious, using the simplest combination of the finest ingredients' is our continuous market advantage. This journey of passion, creativity and deliciousness is a very exciting one indeed. And I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

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