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Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

Father’s day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about how to make the day extra special for all the dads out there who worked hard or are still working hard to raise happy and well-mannered kids. Father’s day is a particularly special day for new dads who are still in

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Single Dads

Hat’s off to the single dad’s in the world who are faced with the task of raising their children on their own. Often holding down a job during the day and then going to take the kids to music lessons or general errands involved in managing a happy, healthy household is tough! So this Father’s

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Our Clients Love These Corporate Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are the perfect way to celebrate so many occasions in the office. Whether you’ve gained a new client, closed a huge deal, reached settlement day, or an existing client has just gotten married or had a baby, there is constantly something to celebrate! Gift hampers take the guesswork out of choosing an appropriat

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Some Savoury Gift Selections

Gift baskets are great! They are a nice simple way of saying thank you and the variety available ensures that no-one misses out on getting some of their favourite items. Whether it’s for friends or family to say thanks for helping out in times of need or showing a staff member that you appreciate their

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Our favourite gifts for new parents

The new baby is here, and while for many that is *a gift enough*, you want to help the new parents celebrate. Whether you are a parent yourself, a friend or grandparent it’s nice to send a baby gift hamper to say congratulations and welcome the new bundle of joy. We have a vast rang

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Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gift shopping can be tough. You want to celebrate the new couple with a gift, but you also want to choose something they’ll actually use instead of storing it away in the cupboard to collect dust. At the same time, you don’t want to choose something purely functional (mops and feather dusters are not

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Our Favourite Wine and Chocolate Hampers

You might think chocolate lovers are easy to shop for, but that’s only if you’re not into chocolate yourself. You’ll get to the supermarket and be faced with aisle upon aisle of sparkly candy wrapping, and you’re likely to give up. Don’t risk shame by picking the cheapest or most expensive option at the stor

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Our Most Gourmet Options

The word ‘gourmet’ is used to describe someone with discerning taste, especially in relation to food. It indicates a higher level of quality, something out of the ordinary. ‘Epicure’ is a less known synonym, and here at Gourmet Basket, we have a wide selection of epicurean gift baskets for our discerning customers. Whether they enjoy

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Gift Suggestions For Her, For Your Anniversary

An anniversary, be it a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your first date, when you first met, or when you asked her to marry you/got engaged, is important. It’s a special date in your life that has meaning for you as a couple, you want the gift you give to be perfect. You want your

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Gift Selections That Show You are

Buying a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker you care about doesn’t have to be hard. Of course, you want to get this right. You may be giving a gift because someone has lost someone close to them, has had a baby, or is experiencing an important time in their life, an engagement,

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