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Easter Ideas for Your Clients

Even though it seems like we only just had Christmas, we all know what that means. If you haven’t seen the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs in the supermarkets just yet – well then it’s probably because you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s going on around you! It’s almost Easter! Well, not

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Easter Gifts For Her

Almost everyone gives out gifts during Christmas, but Easter presents are becoming popular too. It makes sense because, in many parts of the world, Easter marks the onset of spring. It’s a time when everything comes back to life after being blanketed in snow during the winter. Although modern-day Easter is associated with Christianity and

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Christmas gift hampers for him

We hear a lot about the modern woman – capable, confident, career-oriented. She’s stronger and more expressive than her mother and grandmothers because she has a lot more opportunity to pursue her dreams. It doesn’t matter whether those dreams are to settle down and raise a family or to be the CEO at a to

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Christmas gifts for her

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, and you can send some pretty powerful messages with gift baskets for her. Just keep in mind the holidays make most of us additionally sentimental, and presents are over-analysed under the best of circumstances, So before you put your name on that gift card, be clear about what you

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Corporate Gift Hampers That Are Perfect for Christmas

Ho ho ho and away we go! That’s right people, the Christmas countdown is on, and it’s about to get a little crazy with all the shopping, planning, and Christmas parties. Gift hampers are the perfect present to show your staff or colleagues that you have appreciated their hard work and company throughout the year.

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Last minute Christmas presents

Christmas is fast approaching, but it’s okay, don’t panic. If you haven’t purchased a gift yet, it’s okay there is still time to buy a stunning gift your friends or family will love. Even better you can buy your gifts from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, you don’t even have to get

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Christmas hampers for mum

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your mum will always be one of the most important people in your life, and when you want to buy that perfect gift for your mum, sometimes it can be hard to get it right. The good news is, there is a range of Christmas gift hampers available,

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Celebrate Christmas at Work with These Hampers

The buzz of the impending Christmas holidays has an effect on the workplace as everyone is excited for the well-deserved break on the horizon. Work Christmas parties are great for team building and bonding for staff and management. It’s also a great time to show your appreciation to your hardworking team, for showing up every

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Wine Hampers That Are Perfect for Christmas Gifts

Wine is a gift from God – or maybe even Jesus? When he performed the perfect party trick of turning water into wine he made many new friends that day. The reason he made so many friends was that everybody loves wine. Not only is wine delicious, but it also has many other qualities that

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It’s Time to Start Thinking About Christmas

What a whirlwind year! It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and Christmas is around the corner yet again – and you know what that means. It’s time to start thinking about buying presents for everyone who has been good this year and maybe even for the bad people. After all, they need

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How to Get Corporate Christmas Gifting Right

The holiday season is a time for celebration and giving. Businesses, like individuals, have a traditional of sharing gifts. But when it comes to corporate gifting, the rules can be slightly different. Like personal gifting, it’s generally about the types of relationships you have with employees, vendors, and clients and then gifting accordingly. There ar

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Chocolate hampers that are great as Christmas gifts

Do you have a chocolate-lover in your life? You may notice they have a different brand for each occasion. If they’re the type of person that needs a daily cocoa fix, they probably have a preferential bar they can afford, and they always have one or two in their pocket, desk, or handbag. Then, for

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