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Ever wondered what you could do to make someone know that you truly value them? Well, wonder no more because with the right gift hampers in Sydney you can easily impress anyone and make them feel special.


At Gourmet Basket, we offer a wide range of specially prepared food and drink hampers to suit every occasion and personality. Additionally, we offer delivery services throughout Sydney including areas such as Hornsby, Bondi, Chatswood, Parramatta and North Sydney.


Why choose Gourmet Basket for your Gift Hamper Needs?


Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Gourmet Basket as your number 1 supplier for gift hampers in Sydney.



Gourmet Basket was established way back in 1998 and has over the years handled a myriad of orders. The company has handled small, medium and large orders and has therefore become acquainted with how things work. By placing an order through the company’s website, you can rest assured that your gift hamper will be created by some of the most creative minds in the industry.


The company believes in treating all people equally and that is why we offer a variety of gift hampers in Sydney at varying costs. If you are looking to send a birthday, father’s day or easter hamper but are short on cash you can always choose a hamper that falls below the $100 range. If on the other hand, if you want to spoil your loved one with a luxurious package, you can easily find something that costs over $200.


Ask anyone that has interacted with Gourmet Basket’s customer support and they will confess to the professionalism and friendly chat they had. Our staff is highly skilled in communications and will quickly respond to your inquiries to your satisfaction. Whether you wish to chat online or make a phone call, you can be sure that someone is on the other hand waiting to assist.

Variety of options

The last thing you want is to log onto a gift hamper website and only find a handful of options to choose from. Because of the many years of experience, we have in the market, we understand that different people have unique needs. And that is why our gift hampers in Sydney are as diverse as the people who exist in the world. From vegan gift hampers to mouthwatering breakfast in bed hampers, we have something that will certainly impress your gift’s recipient.

Our reach

Over the years, we have supplied amazing gift hampers throughout Australia. From Adelaide to Melbourne and Perth to Brisbane we have been to just about every neighbourhood. You can therefore be sure that your gift hampers in Sydney will get to your recipient’s destination in good condition and on time.

Insane creativity

The way a gift basket in Sydney is organized and packaged can make a huge difference and that is why we pay attention to detail. Our team of creative staff come up with some of the most impressive ideas on how to organize different hampers. We also have a variety of packaging options that range from eco-friendly bamboo and jute trays to elegant premium gift boxes and downright romantic wicker baskets.

You get to decide

While we have a wide variety of gift hampers in Sydney, we are not rigid. You have the freedom to decide what exactly to put in every gift basket in Sydney. The Create Your Own Hamper option on our website gives you the freedom to personalize the hamper in such a way that we will only handle the heavy lifting while you put your personal touch to the package.


Tips for Choosing the Ideal Gift Hamper


Below are some important tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect gift hamper to send to your loved one or corporate associates.


Spend what you have – instead of straining to get the most luxurious gift hamper on offer, simply pick a gift hamper in Sydney that you can afford. Remember that we offer top quality options regardless of your budget range. 


Your recipient – different people have different likes and dislikes. That means an excellent gift basket for your mum may not be ideal for your sister or aunt. It is always prudent to consider what your recipient likes and choose a hamper that falls along those lines.


The packaging – if you want to give your wife or girlfriend a treat, choose a hamper that features beautiful packaging. Corporate hampers do not put too much emphasis on packaging rather on the quality and choice of items.


The occasion – Gourmet Basket makes it easy for you to buy hampers by occasion. Some examples in our collection include Easter, Christmas, Valentines, and Father’s Day hampers.


Where to Buy Gift Hampers in Sydney?

Buy top quality gift hampers in Sydney from Gourmet Basket online. Not only are we affordable and professional but we also ensure timely delivery to various destinations throughout Australia. For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support staff.

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Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are often a creative yet inexpensive way to show appreciation to someone you love or one you consider to be important. You can send such hampers to your friends, parents, siblings, business partners or even customers.

At Gourmet Basket, we offer an array of gift hampers to suit just about any occasion and age group. From sympathy hampers and Mother’s Day hampers to thank you hampers and Easter hampers we have it all. What’s more, we offer timely delivery services to almost all parts of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Understanding Different Gift Hampers

There are various types of gift hampers and understanding what each one means can be key to choosing the most appropriate.

Sympathy gift hampers

Sympathy hampers are often sent to people who have gone through a difficult time or have lost a loved one. Such hampers can contain things such as chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate truffles, baked foods, fruits, nuts and desserts. The sympathy basket can also include certain non-alcoholic drinks.

Birthday gift hampers

These hampers are usually sent to people that are celebrating their birthdays. Such a gift basket may contain a variety of items with some slight variations depending on the age of the recipient. Wine and beer are a common inclusion for individuals that are over 21 years while chocolates, candy and cookies may make for an excellent birthday hamper for teens or young children.

Easter and Christmas hampers

Some of the things that may be included in such a hamper are wine, easter beer, coffee, tea and easter candy. If your recipients are below the age of 18, you may want to go for a hamper that includes items such as candy, cookies, chocolates, Easter eggs, and other dried foods.

Father’s and Mother’s Day gift hampers

Fathers and mothers are certainly some of the most beloved people and that is why every year we celebrate Father’s and Mother’s days. To show appreciation for their care and upbringing, it can be an excellent idea to send them special gift hampers.

Such hampers may contain items such as gingerbread, stylish tonic water, delicious potato chips, gins and even wines. You can also throw in a card with some words to express just how much you love your parents.

Corporate gift hampers

To foster better relationships with your employees, businesses partners and clients it may be a good idea to send them a special appreciation gift hamper. The good part is that corporate hampers are pretty general and can include items such as nuts, wine, gins, tonic water, dried fruits and even gold chocolate coins. Such a simple gift can be all it takes for you to strengthen your networks or motivate your employees to put in more effort.

Other gift hampers

There are even more gift hampers to suit different occasions and personalities. Below are just a few of the hampers you can expect to find from our online shop.

  • New home gift hampers
  • Happy new year
  • Australia day
  • Breakfast in bed hampers
  • New baby hampers
  • Health and wellness
  • Luxury hampers
  • Get well gift hampers

How to Pick the Ideal Gift Hamper?

It is not enough to simply pick the first gift hamper you find on our list even though it is hard to go wrong with our options. Keep in mind that gift hampers differ in packaging and content and that is why you should be keen on several aspects as noted below.

Your recipient

The contents of a gift hamper may depend on the type of person you are sending it to. For instance, you probably know just about everything regarding your mum, dad, girlfriend or boyfriend. You can therefore pick items that you know they will like. If your dad loves wine, you can choose a gift basket that contains some stylish wine and add some tonic water or nuts. Your sister may be a foodie and is most likely going to appreciate things such as chocolates, nuts, gingerbread among other delicious snacks.

The costs

Gift hampers are available at a variety of prices meaning you can actually find something that easily fits into your budget. For ease of selection, Gourmet Basket has categorized different products into sections such as hampers under $100, hampers under $150 and hampers over $150.

The packaging

There are different packaging methods for you to choose from. We offer a range of options that go from elegant premium gift boxes to romantic wicker baskets and eco-friendly jute trays. Once your gift hamper has been packaged, you get the option to include a personalized note for your loved ones or your corporate associates.


Another way to decide on the best gift hamper is by occasion. Remember the contents that would be excellent for New Year’s celebration may not be ideal for a sympathy gift hamper. If you do not know what type of content should be in a hamper, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff for prompt assistance.

Where Can You Buy Gift Hampers?

Buy top quality gift hampers from Gourmet Basket online. We offer a wide variety of products to ensure that your loved ones or corporate associates know exactly what you think and how you feel about them. Remember a simple gift hamper can go a long way in strengthening both personal and professional relationships.


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