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Whisky Hampers

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Whisky Hampers

1 - 16 out of 16 Products

Whisky Hampers

Whisky drinkers love to end a long and rough day with a glass of their favourite brand. It’s one of those classic rituals that can barely be replaced, and even famous personas love this simple pleasure. Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, and Sir Winston Churchill were just a few of the well-known and popular advocates of the delicious liquor. All you need is a tumbler glass, your favourite bottle of whisky, and maybe some ice, depending on whether you prefer your drink neat or on the rocks.

The liquor originated in the Scottish Highlands in the 15th century and is a distilled alcohol made from fermented grains. Before being bottled, it will be aged in wooden oak barrels for some time. While whisky can be produced anywhere globally, some countries such as Scotland, Canada, and Japan have specific regulations in place. These three are also countries that lack the ‘e’ in the word’s spelling. In contrast, the United States and Ireland favour the spelling ‘whiskey

The most famous of all whiskies is probably Scottish whisky, often called Scotch, made from malt or grain. After its distillation, it has to age at least three years in its casks. Besides, the longer it ages in a cask, the better its tasting notes. Moreover, Scotch is available as single malt and blended whisky. Single malts come from the same distillery, whereas blended whiskies are mixed from batches of different distilleries. Scotch whiskies are best consumed neat and maybe with a splash of water to take off the ‘bite’ of the alcohol. Besides, they are perfect for vegan consumers and people that have to consume gluten-free products.

And then there is Japanese whisky, which is very similar to its Scottish companion, no matter what people might say. Whiskies from Japan have earned an excellent reputation for quality and have become increasingly popular on the global market. Japanese distilleries sell single malt and blended styles close to western quality based on the mash of malted barley.

However, if you want to try something different, look for a whisky from India. The country consumes a vast amount, and their producers don’t have to follow strict rules like producers in Scotland. Usually, their alcohol is distilled from fermented molasses with only a small portion of malt, making the whisky much more similar to rum than other spirits.


What goes in a whisky hamper?

Malt whisky makes for a great gift and shouldn’t be missed in any gift basket for special friends and family members. These exclusive products show your appreciation, warm hearts and bring happiness to the life of your recipient. The liquor is also the perfect gift to appreciate the moment and all the good things in life.

That’s why you should include a few more little extras to your gift hamper to make the unexpected surprise a true tasting experience. At Gourmet Basket, we offer hand-selected gourmet products that pair wonderfully with food and other accessories. A whisky alcohol gift pack can take on many different shapes. Add snacks such as nuts, fruits, pistachios, or mini chocolates if you want to add food. Alternatively, dried meat and strong cheese are other popular options. 

If you want to gift additional drinks, include a different bottle of whiskey, gin, or Moet champagne, depending on the occasion. Another option would be a gift hamper that contains multiple mini whiskies to find a new favourite. Ultimately, you can add accessories that perfectly fit the drink’s environment, such as special whisky glasses, a nicely-looking decanter, rounded ice cube forms, and a book about the topic.

Come to our online whiskey shop and look around once you know what should go in your hamper. Buy a pre-packed basket or craft a customised basket online, and use our whiskey home delivery service to send your present across Australia. Our delivery network operates country-wide and delivers your parcel to cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We have shipped more than 100,000 packages in cooperation with our trusted courier partners since 1998. 

How to store a whisky hamper?

Whenever you buy whiskey in special whiskey stores or use our whiskey delivery but don’t gift it right away, make sure to store your whisky the right way. Storing the malty liquor is much easier as it is more durable than wine or beer. Also, you don’t need any special equipment for it.

First off, keep your liquor dark and cool, away from any exposure to sunlight. The reason is that fluctuations in temperature and humidity may damage the label as well as the cork. Extreme heat can further lead to extreme volume loss. The best place to store your hamper is a dark cabinet or closet that has room temperature.

Secondly, whisky bottles should be stored standing upright. This is different from wine bottles which have to be stored horizontally. They will further age in the bottle and have to keep the cork moist. If you have bought an entire gift hamper, ensure that the whisky bottle will stand upright and won’t roll over. You don’t want the cork to impart unpleasantly or alter the flavour of the whisky. However, if you store the bottle for longer to wait for the perfect occasion, turn it around every six months so that the cork doesn’t dry out. If you moisten the cork for about five to ten seconds, you will be fine.

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