Gourmet Basket Signature Packaging and Presentation

Gift picnic hamper packaging
Wine gift set including red and white bottle packaged in a beautiful wooden box

Gourmet Basket is an innovator in the packaging and presentation of premium quality gift hampers and gift baskets in Australia, often leading the industry. All our gifts carry our Signature design, colours and graphics. The class of presentation is a reflection on you, as the giver of the gift, and we have had literally hundreds of compliments from receivers of Gourmet Basket Gift Hampers about how beautiful our gifts are when they arrive. Specifically each Gourmet Basket Signature box includes the following:

  • Full black, inside and out, refined packaging boxes, so they appear stunning whether open or closed
  • Layers of soft tissue paper in which nestles the ingredients, and highlights their presentation
  • Optional firm-card black bottle compartments to ensure safe transport of glass bottles, including Champagne
  • A stunning food-art box band on top, reflecting our passion for food, wine and pamper gifts
  • A rich satin black ribbon beautifully smartly tied and cut, in a way that doesn’t cover the box presentation
  • A solid Gourmet Basket medallion tied on with real leather string, to top it all off
  • Inside you will find an impressive Gourmet Basket message card, printed on high quality stock, upon which your message is professionally printer (not handwritten)
  • For our Baskets we source only the best quality and colours, and design a similar presentation to that above.

Whilst all of this adds a little to to cost of the gift, the effect is priceless, and our customers demand it.

Whilst all our gifts come with a pre-selected form of presentation, chosen to best highlight the particular ingredients, please feel free to contact us and advise your own preference should you have one. You can see a selection of our packages above.

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