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Gourmet hampers or baskets are one of the most popular forms of gift hampers. Because when it comes to gift-giving, never underestimate the power of food. Whether you want to send gifts to a faraway loved one or to a colleague who had helped you out in the past, a nice treat that is beautifully wrapped will do the trick. A gourmet hamper is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially if the recipient is a foodie.


What is in a Gourmet Basket?


Gourmet hampers typically include exotic fruits, chocolates, nuts, etc. They also contain cheese and wine sometimes. It may sound simple, but gourmet baskets are so popular because of the ingredients used in making the items. These food items are prepared with precision and are presented beautifully. In some cases, the preparation process for gourmet food items is also different from the usual ones. Most of the times, you might find these gourmet baskets to be on the expensive side. It is acceptable because of the higher quality ingredients used. For example, if you want to buy a gourmet basket with chocolates, every ingredient from cocoa to sugar is of top quality and justifies the price. So, instead of calling them expensive, a better term would be “value for money”.


How to select a gourmet hamper?


When it comes to choosing the perfect gourmet hamper, there are three basic guidelines/rules. The first rule is to understand the recipient and to know what he/she likes. It also includes knowing if they are vegetarian or if they have any dietary restriction. Once you get to know such details and what he/she likes, you can customise your gourmet hamper accordingly. If the recipient likes to try new things and variety, you can have a little bit of everything like chocolates, nuts, wines, etc. But if he likes only one particular item, such as chocolate, you can gift him a gourmet hamper that has some best quality gourmet chocolates. If you want them to feel appreciated, you can also add in some handcrafted chocolates. These products will speak volumes about how much you care for the person.

The second rule is to remember the occasion. There are different gourmet hampers for different occasions. These gourmet hampers also have certain special items that let you celebrate the event. For example, if it is Christmas, you can add a nice bottle of wine, gourmet cheese, and premium chocolates to add some festive cheer to the hamper. If you want to take it a step further, you can have some items such as a gift card that can add some sentimental value to the celebration.

The third guideline is to take note of the delivery time. It might seem insignificant, but your gourmet basket must be delivered in time. After following the first two guidelines and selecting the perfect gourmet hamper, it is anticlimactic if the hamper doesn’t reach on time for Christmas or a birthday. Hence, it is always best to order early and keep track of the order to ensure that your gourmet hamper reaches on time and manages to make the occasion more memorable.


Where to buy gourmet hampers near me?


Gourmet hampers are available at online stores and few offline stores. As explained before, gourmet hampers might be seen as expensive by some people. If you are one of those people and are worried about the price, Gourmet Basket is here to help. At Gourmet Basket, you will not only find high-quality gourmet hampers, but you will also notice that they are competitively priced. Unlike other companies, we do not focus on our revenue. Instead, we focus on the customer experience. We believe that everyone deserves more of life’s luxuries. We strive to provide the best gift hampers that can warm people’s hearts and make them feel valued and connected.

Many companies offer gourmet hampers, but our hampers stand out because we try to be unique, and we implement it right from the sourcing stage. We source only the finest and extraordinary food and wine from Australia’s top producers. We ensure that the items that go into the hampers are not only tasty but also aesthetically appealing.

We have a wide range of gift hampers that can be ordered for any occasion. If someone recently helped you out and you want to express your gratitude, we have various thank you hampers you can find on our website. If a friend or a loved one has their birthday in the coming weeks, you can order a lovely birthday hamper from our site that tells them how much you love them. We also have other hampers such as Mother’s Day hampers and Easter hampers that can make the occasion special. If you are not sure about what hamper to choose or have any questions, our Gift Concierge will always be available to assist you and solve your queries regarding any gourmet basket.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, we have a feature that lets you create your hamper. The process is self-explanatory and straightforward, and you can complete it and have your own gourmet hamper in no time.

Apart from the hampers mentioned above, we also have corporate gift hampers. These are the best way to show your clients and employees how much you value them and their contribution. You can also add your branding elements to the gourmet hamper. It can improve your brand recognition and value.

When it comes to delivery, we offer a same-day delivery option to people who are in Sydney. We also have a “click & collect” for our customers in Sydney. This feature allows you to place an order and collect it from our warehouse. If you are outside Sydney, delivery will take anywhere between 2 to 5 days. If you want to track your order, you can use your order number to receive a tracking URL that can keep you updated about your delivery status. We deliver gift hampers all across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, etc

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