FAQs - Gourmet Basket

The following information will help you with the most common questions we are asked. If still in doubt please call us on 1300 354 393 or email service@gourmetbasket.com.au.


How do I order?
Orders can be made online, by phone 1300 354393 or by email admin@gourmetbasket.com.au

How do I know if you received my order?
Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email and tax invoice.

Is delivery included in the price of the gift basket?
The cost of delivery is not included in the price of gift basket. Please click here to review delivery costs.

What happens if the recipient is not home when the gift is delivered?
In general, couriers will leave a card at the front door asking them to call regarding a suitable time for delivery. However, you can request that the courier leaves it at the front door if you know that it will be safe. If Gourmet Basket incurs an extra cost for delivery this will be passed back to the sender.

What happens if an item is damaged during delivery?
Gourmet Basket will dispatch a replacement. Please call to discuss and refer to our terms and conditions.

Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays?
No, our couriers do not have a weekend or public holiday service.

What if I need my delivery to occur at a certain time?
The standard delivery service cannot accommodate specific delivery time requests. A VIP or express courier can be arranged for an extra fee, please call to discuss details 1300 354393.

Do you deliver anywhere in Australia?

Do you deliver overseas
Sorry, we do not currently deliver overseas

Can I create my own gift basket or order an individual product that I see on your website?
Yes. Please call us on 1300 354393 or email us on service@gourmetbasket.com.au

Can I place large corporate or bulk orders?
Yes. We are experts in dispatching large corporate orders and are happy to consult with you. Please call us on 1300 354393 or email us on admin@gourmetbasket.com.au

What payment methods can I use?
We take all major credit cards including American Express, VISA, MasterCard & Diners Card. We also accept Paypal, and Direct Deposit (EFT). Please contact us for our Bank Account details for EFT. No Credit Card fees apply for online orders.

How do Gourmet Basket Gift Vouchers Work?

This voucher entitles the receiver to a credit of the amount specified on the Gift Voucher (inc GST) when spent at www.gourmetbasket.com.au

Gift Vouchers are sent via email immediately upon order, not posted, so please ensure you enter the correct email address

The receiver will have to enter the Gift Voucher Code at Checkout to redeem the Voucher. Instructions on how to use the Gift Voucher are included in the email sent to the receiver

If the value of the gift purchased is more than the value of the voucher the receiver will need to pay the remaining amount in the usual way (Credit Card or Paypal)

If the value of the gift purchased is less than the voucher then the ‘change’ will remain on the voucher for future use

Only one Gift Voucher can be redeemed per online order (Note, an order can include multiple gifts)

Gift Vouchers cannot be used with any other offers (for example Discount Codes)

Do you offer Returns?

Yes, if the gift has been damaged, or is incomplete (we have missed one or more ingredients). Once the gift has been returned to Gourmet Basket we will be able to offer a refund including shipping costs. Note, from time to time substitutions of certain items may need to be made, according to our Terms and Conditions. In these circumstances no refunds are available, as the substituted items will be of the same or higher value.

Can I get a refund if my order information was incorrect?

If the gift has been returned to Gourmet Basket because of an incorrect address, you can elect that we keep the gift and request a refund. A refund will be offered, excluding the shipping cost and an administration fee of $10.00. If you wish the gift to be re-delivered, a new shipping fee will need to be charged.

What happens when the wrong delivery information was put on the hamper, and was not delivered?

If you contact us on the same day as the order, or very soon after, we may be able to ask the courier to direct to another address. If you don’t contact us in time, one of the following may happen:

The gift is likely to be delivered, and potentially kept by the receiver. If this occurs there is nothing we can do as we don’t know who has the gift.

The gift may be delivered, and the receiver may contact us to inform us they have it. Generally this would be someone close to the original address and they may be able to hand-deliver it. If not, it is possible to organise another courier, though the fee for that is not known until booking and would be chargeable, plus at $10.00 administration fee.

The gift is not delivered, and we are contacted by the courier. At this point we can have it re-directed to a new address – there will be a new Delivery Fee based on the delivery location, plus at $10.00 administration fee.

The courier company will contact us and the hamper will be returned. A refund will be offered, excluding the shipping cost. If you wish the gift to be re-delivered, a new shipping fee will need to be charged. If the hamper is not returned to us, we will assume is has been delivered and no refund is available.

What shelf life and expiry dates do your hamper have?

All ingredients in Gourmet Basket gifts are selected based on a long shelf life of 3 months to 12 months depending on the item.

Will my Delivery Fee be refunded if my gift arrives late?

If the late delivery is due to Gourmet Basket sending the gift late, or one of our couriers missing their stated delivery time, and it outside of the delivery times displayed on our Delivery Page, please contact us and we will refund you the Shipping fee. If the late delivery is due to an incorrect address or a mistake on behalf of the customer ordering the gift then no refund for shipping is available.

Are there any restrictions on your Promo Codes?

All Gourmet Basket promo codes have the following restrictions:

There will be an expiry date by which the gift needs to be used

They cannot be used with another promo code – only one code per order

They cannot be used on “Sale” items

They may have a limit of one use per customer – this will be made clear in the material promoting the code.

How do I use my Promo Code?

You need to enter your promo code on the CART page. Enter the code in the box shown, the click the button to the right to Apply the Code. See here:

Can I use more than one promo code?

Generally speaking no. Most of our codes can only be used on their own.

Can I do a split payment?

No, a full payment must be made at the time of ordering. We accept most credit cards, Paypal or EFTpos for non-web orders. For Corporate orders we offer alternative payment methods. Please contact us on 1300 354 393 or email corporders@gourmetbasket.com.au.

Can I have the hamper not left if the recipient isn’t home?

It is possible for the customer to request that we do NOT allow what is called “Authority to Leave”. In this case, if no-one is home, the courier will leave a card and the receiver will need to go to the nominated Post Office to collect.

I have entered the address details incorrectly. What can I do?

Please contact us immediately either on 1300 354 393 or by emailing service@gourmetbasket.com.au and stating your Order Number in the email (will be a number on your Order Receipt starting with “GB”). If we do not receive this information before the gifts are shipped, then they will be shipped with the information provided on the order.

Can I customise or add items to hampers?

Yes! All our hampers can be customised online. When you click on a hamper on the Catalog page you will be taken to the Product page. On the right side you will see some drop-down menus that allow you to add many different items. See picture below.

You can add one item from each category. You cannot remove items from the gifts online. If you wish to do this, please contact us on 1300 354 393 or email us at service@gourmetbasket.com.au and explain your request. We can then develop a custom order and contact you personally for payment.

Can you exchange clothing items?

Yes, if you send us the item back and in an unopened state (at your cost) we will send you out a replacement for $10 shipping fee.

Can I get a photo of my hamper before it is sent?

We only offer this service for customised hampers, as photography for our standard hampers is already online.

Do you have Gluten Free Add Ons?

We are currently working on adding these!

Do you stock Dairy-Free hampers?

Any hamper without food is dairy-free,  and we are looking into this as a potential new range.

Can I get a quote for Same-Day deliveries anywhere in Sydney?

Yes, we can quote a point to point courier for 4-hour and 2-hour delivery times. Rates will be based on exact addresses and will need to be quoted when you contact us. Please call us for these requests on 1300 354 393.

Can I use my VIP code and $10 promo code at the same time?

No, only one coupon per order.

Can I add two gift notes when ordering two gifts going to the same address?

No not online. Please email us at service@gourmetbasket.com.au as soon as possible so we can modify your Gift Card before sending out the order.