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Surprise Your Mother this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and show appreciation to one of the most important people in the world. The very person who gave you life and kept you alive throughout the years by nurturing and nourishing you with love and attention, while turning a house into a home, and putting clothes on your

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Clients

Mother’s Day is, of course, a day to appreciate your mother, but it is also a perfect time to show other mothers in your life (especially new mums!) how much you value them. If you have a client who you know has a newborn, is juggling work and young kids, or has raised a well-behaved,

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Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Your Flatmates

There’s something special about giving gifts at Easter, as there’s no great expectation to spend money as there might be for a birthday or on Christmas Day. It’s a genuine, thoughtful and unexpected gesture that can make someone’s day. So why not surprise your flatmate this Easter with a unique gift basket that they w

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Easter Ideas for Your Clients

Even though it seems like we only just had Christmas, we all know what that means. If you haven’t seen the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs in the supermarkets just yet – well then it’s probably because you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s going on around you! It’s almost Easter! Well, not

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Easter Gifts For Her

Almost everyone gives out gifts during Christmas, but Easter presents are becoming popular too. It makes sense because, in many parts of the world, Easter marks the onset of spring. It’s a time when everything comes back to life after being blanketed in snow during the winter. Although modern-day Easter is associated with Christianity and

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How to Get Corporate Christmas Gifting Right

The holiday season is a time for celebration and giving. Businesses, like individuals, have a traditional of sharing gifts. But when it comes to corporate gifting, the rules can be slightly different. Like personal gifting, it’s generally about the types of relationships you have with employees, vendors, and clients and then gifting accordingly. There ar

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Our favourite Wedding Gift Hampers

Statistics indicate couples are marrying later and staying together longer – the divorce rate has gradually dropped over the years. Couples also live together and sometimes have children before they tie the knot. It means weddings today look drastically different than they did a few decades ago, and wedding gifts have shifted as a result.

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Some wedding anniversary gift ideas

Are you stuck for a wedding anniversary gift idea? There are those die-hard romantics who look forward to their wedding anniversary and delight in thinking up fantastic plans to celebrate with their special someone. And then there are the others; for whom the busyness of life catches up with them and suddenly they remember their

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Some Savoury Gift Selections

Gift baskets are great! They are a nice simple way of saying thank you and the variety available ensures that no-one misses out on getting some of their favourite items. Whether it’s for friends or family to say thanks for helping out in times of need or showing a staff member that you appreciate their

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Our favourite gifts for new parents

The new baby is here, and while for many that is *a gift enough*, you want to help the new parents celebrate. Whether you are a parent yourself, a friend or grandparent it’s nice to send a baby gift hamper to say congratulations and welcome the new bundle of joy. We have a vast rang

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Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gift shopping can be tough. You want to celebrate the new couple with a gift, but you also want to choose something they’ll actually use instead of storing it away in the cupboard to collect dust. At the same time, you don’t want to choose something purely functional (mops and feather dusters are not

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Our Favourite Wine and Chocolate Hampers

You might think chocolate lovers are easy to shop for, but that’s only if you’re not into chocolate yourself. You’ll get to the supermarket and be faced with aisle upon aisle of sparkly candy wrapping, and you’re likely to give up. Don’t risk shame by picking the cheapest or most expensive option at the stor

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