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Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Picnic

Jale Mills - Friday, February 03, 2012

Going on a picnic for Valentine’s Day with your special someone can be an extremely romantic outing, though only if it’s well planned and organised. If you want to put on the perfect Valentine’s Day picnic, do your research and think outside the box, and you are sure to have a beautiful and romantic time together. The following are some of the key elements of the perfect Valentine’s Day picnic.

Make It A Surprise

The perfect Valentine’s Day picnic has to be a surprise, so tell your love interest to keep the day free and then secretly take care of all the arrangements. Being able to whisk them away to the perfect romantic picnic will have them impressed with how much trouble you have gone to, and excited for the rest of the day.


Where you have your picnic is of prime importance, as you will want your date feeling like they have been brought to a very special place. If you don’t have a secret place up your sleeve, do a bit of research and check out places in the weeks leading up to the big day. Taking him or her to a place they have never been will add to the suspense, as well as make this day more special than a regular weekend outing.

Types Of Food

For the perfect picnic, you will want to have your basket full of all kinds of decadent foods. Fancy cheeses, crackers, olives, dips, and other quality finger food are a great choice, as they are not only delicious, but also don’t make a big mess. You will also definitely need some kind of dessert, so pack in some Belgian chocolate, cheesecake or baklava for the perfect sweet touch. If you don’t have time to gather all the goodies for your picnic, pick up a fancy gourmet gift basket that will have everything you want already in it.

Essential Supplies

You will need an awesome blanket to set up on, a picnic basket full of food, and something to drink such as wine, tea, hot chocolate and baileys, or even just some sparkling water if it’s going to be warm weather. It can also be a good move to bring something to do, like bringing a Frisbee, guitar, cards or even a board game, as there’s nothing worse than running out of things to talk about and having nothing else to do.


The perfect Valentine’s Day picnic can be at any time of day, though make sure that it will be just the setting you are hoping for. Go to a few of your preferred spots at least once in advance of the big day to see when the best time will be for your picnic. Obviously sunrise and sunset and both great times for a romantic picnic, though checking in advance will also let you know when the busiest and quietest times are, and also whether or not places are swarming with mosquitos at the time you want to have your picnic.

Valentine’s Day picnics can be the perfect romantic outing. Think ahead and make sure you have everything you two might possibly need, as once you get to that perfect location, you may want to stay for an extra long picnic. If you are lacking inspiration, check out some of the awesome pre-made Valentine’s Day gift baskets, which will have everything from flowers to chocolates in them.