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Perfect Gifts for Friends and Family Living Overseas

Jale Mills - Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buying for someone who lives overseas can at first seem like a difficult task. There is the postage to consider, and making sure it gets there on time. Here, we've got a list of great gift ideas for your loved ones who are living overseas. From the ideal gift basket to vouchers to their favourite store, we've got some wonderful ideas you won't want to miss!

If they have just moved to their new home and are still settling in, you may simply want to ask them what items that are in need of. Otherwise, if you know they're style, perhaps some accessories for their new climate would make the perfect gift. For instance, if they have located to a place near a beach in a warm climate, you may want to purchase a beach bag and fill it with sunscreen, a beach towel and a pair of thongs or snorkeling gear.

If they have just re-located to somewhere where the weather a cool, a pair of Ugg boots would be just the thing! if you are unsure of their size, an Australian wool chunky knit scarf and beanie are perfect gifts for both men and women and will be greatly appreciated!

For someone who is currently living overseas who likes to read up on what's happening back home, a subscription to their favourite newspaper or magazine is a great idea! It's a gift they will keep on enjoying throughout the year.

A piece of jewellery is another great gift idea. Just make sure you send it registered post and with insurance to make sure it arrives at its destination safely. This may cost extra, but you will save on sending it in other ways as it won't weight much.

If you are really struggling to think of the perfect gift idea, a voucher could be just the thing. These can most often be bought online and sent straight from the provider so you don't even have to visit the post office to send them their gift! On top of that, when you give someone a voucher, you know they will be buying something they want.

Another great gift idea is a gift basket. Imagine a basket full of their favourite things sent straight to their door on that special occasion?! You can send them a basket full of their favourite chocolate and a bottle of champagne, or a basket full of their favourite Australian spreads and biscuits. Best of all, there are businesses online that you can order from that will deliver straight to your loved ones door. All you have to do is choose the right basket for them. Most gift basket companies have a range of birthday gift baskets, corporate gift baskets and other baskets for pretty much every occasion.

Buying for your loved one living overseas can seem like a bit of a tricky task. I hope our tips have given you some ideas on what to buy them the next time an important gift-giving occasion comes around.