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Farewell Gift Ideas for Staff

Jale Mills - Saturday, October 01, 2011

If someone important at work is leaving, you want to get them something a little more impressive than an indoor fern. Having difficulty figuring out what that gift might be? Never fear! Here we've got a great list of gifts suitable for farwelling all sorts of staff members. From corporate gift baskets to spa vouchers we've some great suggestions you won't want to miss:

A gift voucher

A gift voucher for someone who is leaving is a great idea for so many reasons. They can use it to buy something they really want, like some spa treatments. Also, it can easily fit in their farewell card, and you know they won't be stuck with something they dislike.

Something to remember your workplace by

There are some wonderful corporate gifts that make great farewell gifts. For instance, a silver or platinum key ring, business card holder or money clip with a small company logo or personal engraving from all of you is a great idea. For something even more on the formal side, a plaque acknowledging their contribution to your business is another thoughtful idea and something they will treasure and appreciate for years to come.

A gift that will help them in their new role

If they are changing career paths or leaving to go travelling, why not buy them something that will assist with their future adventures? If they are going back to study, why not buy them a quality book on the subject they are going into? Or a great pen they can use in their new job? Or if they are travelling, a fun gift would be a travel diary or something similar.


A great piece of jewellery or a watch also makes a great gift for saying goodbye. It's something they can wear and think of you all too. A watch, necklace or earrings are great for giving to a woman. For a man, some nice cuff links, a watch or a money clip are great ideas.

Gift baskets

An awesome gift basket full of all the things they like is a great idea, looks great when given at a farewell and is not too personal either. If they enjoy wine, why not buy them a basket with a fine selection of cheeses and a bottle of red? Or if they are more into chocolate, perhaps a pampering gift basket filled with chocolates and bubble bath would be just the thing! There are so many different combinations you are sure to find something that is perfect for them!

Ultimately, the best gifts come from the heart. If you really want to give them a farewell gift they will treasure, really think about the kind of person they are. Get everyone's input too on what to purchase for the gift. This will help you decide on just the thing that will put a smile on their face at their farewell party.