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5 Gifts for Thoughtful Neighbours

Jale Mills - Sunday, January 01, 2012

For those of us who are privileged enough to have those thoughtful neighbours that selflessly help us with all the little but important things, it’s time to say thank you. But what do you get for someone who never accepts payment for feeding your cat when you’re away or taking in your bin after the garbage man’s been? From Christmas gift baskets to a nice bottle of wine, we’ve got some great ideas for spoiling a thoughtful neighbour:


All women love receiving flowers. Whether it’s your partner, your mum or your neighbour. If you are looking for a great way to thank a female neighbour, a bunch of blooms could be just the thing!

Wine or Beer

A 6 pack of beer or a bottle of white or red wine always makes for an easy, no fuss, thank you gift perfect for that neighbour that always helps you out and says “no worries”. If you are wanting to go a little further with the gift, why not get them a pack with wine and beer that includes nuts, cheese and other things to enjoy their drinks with?

A Pampering Pack

Get the feeling that your neighbour is thoughtful to everyone she meets? Perhaps it’s time that someone gave her something to help her take care of her for a change. Spoiling your neighbour with an indulgent pampering pack filled with body products, bubble bath, champagne and chocolates could be the ideal gift to give someone, who just keeps on giving.

For the Blokey Bloke

Got a lovely retired neighbour who always cuts your lawn every time he’s doing his? Why not thank him with a set of BBQ tools fit for a king! It’s a thoughtful, practical gift, he’ll really appreciate and use too.

A Gift Basket

A gift basket always makes a great present to thank someone with. There are so many different varieties to choose from, so you can have one filled with sweet treats, or something that has everything you need for a perfect night in, including wine, cheese and crackers. A well presented gift basket is a great way to say thank you and let them know just how much you appreciate their help. No doubt too, it’s a gift that will be enjoyed!

When there are people in your life that do whatever they can to help you out, it’s important to let them know how much you appreciate their assistance. Neighbours are people that not only live within a close vicinity of us, but they are also people that we see on a regular basis out and about. Fostering positive relationships with them is important for ensuring a great living environment for you and your family. So if you’ve got a great, thoughtful neighbour, let them know you’re thankful for their help by giving them something special. They’ll really appreciate the sentiment.